Business Partnership Disputes

Business partnership disputes are sadly common and can be very bitter when a trusted business relationship breaks down. Partnerships are created either by a written partnership agreement, or alternatively by the simple fact of two or more people going into business together and sharing any profits and losses. Disputes within partnerships are often much easier to resolve if there is a written partnership agreement – as this should, if drafted well, cover most eventualities. More problematic are disputes involving partnerships without any written agreement – which are therefore governed by the 1890 Partnership Act.

In any event, if you’re involved in a difficult business partnership dispute, it makes sense to get advice from specialists. You can rest assured that the solicitors in our partnership team have that specialist experience.

Why choose us to help with your Business Partnership Dispute?

  • Our solicitors understand all about partnership disputes, both large and small. Not only do they have significant experience in this specialist area of law, but they also understand how business works, and will take a commercial view throughout your case.
  • We offer conditional fee agreements (including no win no fee arrangements) for appropriate business partnership disputes and other commercial litigation cases.
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 How we can help with your Partnership Dispute

  • Whether you are a remaining or departing partner – we can help in settling your dispute.
  •  We can help you with your partnership dissolution, if necessary – which can include help with negotiation, and the drafting of, business partnership severance,  termination and retirement agreements
  • Our experienced in-house accountant can, if you wish, value the respective partnership shares and provide expert advice on the taxation implications of leaving a partnership – as part of a one-stop shop solution
  • In addition to setting your partnership dispute, our team can help you with drafting and updating your existing partnership agreement – to avoid the risk of future disputes.
  • We strongly support, whenever possible, the use of mediation in any partner disputes, and can help you to choose the right mediator, and prepare for and support you in the mediation process.
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Common Causes of Disputes between Business Partners

There are many different causes of partner disputes and litigation, but amongst the more common are the following;

  • Disputes in relation to the expulsion of a partner
  • Disputes in relation to attempts to remove or suspend a poorly-performing partner
  • Disagreements in relation to the value of a retiring, deceased or expelled partner’s share
  • Disputes with regard to trying to enforce restrictive covenant against an outgoing partner
  • Arguments in relation to payment of profits claimed by one or more partner
  • Disagreements about issues after the dissolution of the partnership – for example
    where one or more ex-partner continues to run the business without the consent of the remaining ex-partners
  • Disputes about one or more partner making a secret profit from the business without the consent of their fellow partners
  • Disagreements about the overall direction and management of the partnership
  • Disagreements about injection of capital – many partnerships involve partners who have put in different levels of capital into the business. This creates a problem where there is no partnership agreement – in default, the Partnership Act says that without agreement to the contrary, all capital, profits and losses should be shared equally. This is a common cause of dispute

Our partnership dispute team team have a wealth of experience and can help you to resolve all of these problems and more.

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