Partnership Disputes

How do you resolve Business Partner Disputes?

This is where a Partnership Agreement can come in handy. The Agreement will normally provide information about how each party is to act when a dispute arises and what method of resolving the dispute is to be adopted.

However in the absence of an Agreement, there are several alternative Dispute Resolution methods you can use in order to determine your partner dispute. One of the most common is mediation. Mediation is a confidential discussion held between the disputing parties with a third party overseeing. It normally follows a set procedure which involves each party having a private meeting with the Mediator and then using a group discussion to reach a common agreement. As part of the solution to any Partnership dispute a Mediator may recommend that you draw up a Partnership Agreement so that future disputes either do not arise or can be dealt with more amicably.

If negotiation and mediation both fail, then you may have no choice but to take your partnership dispute to court. Our team can support you throughout the partnership litigation process.

If you are dealing with a business partnership dispute, seek legal advice immediately and ask your lawyer about alternative dispute resolution.

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